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I am fascinated by doors of all types, how they came to be, where they go and what they mean.

I started by being concerned and horrified about all the lovely houses being demolished with no thought and great speed in Vancouver. Homes with beauty, craftsmanship and history, often built with old-growth timber, were (and are) just being destroyed and replaced with giant testaments to greed. I follow Vancouver Vanishes, where Caroline Adderson documents houses about to be torn down, with photos taken in her neighbourhood while she's walking her dog. There is no advance notice of demolitions beyond observation so I expanded my scope to include doors of all kinds. This allows me to bring attention to that which is interesting, historical, important and/or beautiful, with a focus on the positive.

I love to bring you interesting pictures of doors and their history. Hope you enjoy the perspective and interesting minutiae in the stories.

Thank you so much for viewing!

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