What I do for you

I take the stress / worry / pressure of 'one more thing to do' and produce something beautiful and perfect for you.

What you get

A photobook that everyone will be talking about, with your images,
just right for gifting ("Aren't you thoughtful!"), showing off, coffee table display,
party favours, memories...

A photobook for:

  • Wedding
  • Pets
  • New Baby (or for another child who says there's no pictures of him or her)
  • Shower (wedding / baby / ?)
  • Family reunion show and share
  • Family keepsake / memories
  • Remembrance (for a memorial service / funeral, or memories of a loved one)
  • Mother's Day / Father's Day / Grandparents / Doting Aunties-Uncles
  • Your home
  • Your home (you're moving/moved or family homestead memories)
  • Pregnancy
  • Graduation
  • Travel
  • Milestone birthday / party
  • Yearbooks
  • Sports teams / groups
  • Year-in-review
  • Company photos / 'more than co-workers'
  • Party favour with pizzazz
  • You'll love it


    The 600 dpi scanning that I do is much more than is required for storage or a photobook; however, it brings out delightful little details in a picture that are impossible to detect on small, older photographs with the naked eye.

    I generally use Mixbook, but if you find a style you particularly like in another service, I will work with that. I have used MyPublisher, Apple, Shutterfly, Blurb, and others.

    You pay exactly what Mixbook charges for the printing and shipping of the book. This is dependent upon the size of the book, materials used (cover, pages, etc.), the number of pages, and sometimes the template you choose. You tell me what you want / like and I will submit a couple of styles for you to choose from, to make it easier / faster for you. The books range from about $20 (for a simple soft-cover 8" x 8" 20-page photobook) to a beautiful super-deluxe one that I did recently for a client (12" x 12" hard-cover with heavy matte-finish pages) that was about $175 each.

    You pay exactly what you order for the book, including shipping. If you want the book(s) shipped express (faster), for example, that can be done with good results. Usually there is a sale or promotion that can be accessed (unless you are screamingly pressed for time) and I will, of course, pass those savings along to you.


    Photo scanning:
    $1 per photo

    This includes digital scanning at 600 dpi, digital cataloguing, and basic retouching.

    The scanned photos will be placed in a secure 'cloud' (web-storage) folder for you to access (for you to move to your own 'cloud' folder such as Dropbox/Google Drive/iCloud) for 30 days, and for a small additional charge ($10), I will also copy the scanned photos to a USB flash drive, which I suggest you put in a safe place.

    Photobook layout and production:
    Up to 20 pages: $100
    Each additional page: $10

    This includes:

    • Sorting and organizing your photos
    • Scanning at 600 dpi (dots per inch of resolution)
    • Deciding on a style/template with you
    • Placing and re-organizing photos
    • Digital 'stickers' (decorative additions)
    • Wording (if desired)
    • Getting the 'feel' and visuals right
    • Ordering your book copy/copies from the printer
    • Setting up a 'cloud' folder with your scanned photos
    • Putting your scanned photos onto a USB drive (optional: $7)

    If you want something flung together for a cheaper price, I am not the droid you are looking for.

    However, if you want someone who will handle your cherished photos with care and attention, and put together a keepsake you can be really proud of and happy with, let's talk.

    About Stellagram

    I am a big ol' nerd. My background and training is in graphic design principles, digital graphic design, clerical, and website content-writing and building (WordPress). One of my many sexy talents is that I am highly literate and a spelling freak, so you won't have to edit, or cringe later on.

    Also, I am astrologically a Cancerian: personal connections are important to me. I love preserving photographs, putting together keepsakes, and producing a memento that will bring joy.

    Please keep in mind

  • Depending on the quality of your photos and how much you want to feature them, and the layout you prefer, you will require between 1-9 photos per page. So (carry the seven) between 20 and 180 pictures for a 20-page book, bearing in mind that the cover is generally one large picture.
  • Photos that are blurry, faded or significantly damaged cannot be successfully retouched. But, with your permission, they can still be included for the beauty and value they have as is.
  • How do we do this?

    The first step is for us to sort out meeting up to drop off photos if you're in the Vancouver area, or courier them to me. If you already have electronic files of your photos and need a photobook, we'll set up a way for me to access the photos and ascertain what you are looking for.

    Let’s get started!

    Treasured memories